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The 1st/Royal Regiment is the oldest Regiment of Foot in the British Army. Often times it is referred to as "Pontius Pilate's Body Guard". From 1757 to 1763 the Royal Regiment fought in North America during the French and Indian War. In 1757 the 2nd Battalion of the 1st Foot saw action during the capture of Louisburg in 1758 and the French surrender of Montreal in 1760. After Montreal, the 2nd Battalion 1st Foot was sent to the West Indies, seeing action in Dominica in 1761 and taking part in the capture of Martinique and the Spanish citadel of Havana in 1762.
The Royal Scots were also known as "First of foot, right of the line and the pride of the British army"

We are a group of individuals and families that have a love for history, research, and "living" the history. Our group has approximately 20 men at arms, and 15 women and children, based in the St Louis, MO area. The past couple of years has been big for recruiting into our Regiment; and we now have a detachment of 8 men in Ontario, 2 in Vermont and 12 in Chicago. We have traveled as far east as Niagara, and as far south as Alabama. If this sounds like something that YOU would like to do, please contact us.


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